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Silpada Retired Jewelry
Sterling Silver Jewelry
Rings Size 6
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Toe Rings
B1051 Retired Silpada Garnet Bracelet - 2004 Catalog
B1275 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver, Crystal, Bracelet
B1365 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Bronzite Bracelet
B1511 Retired Silpada Black Lava Bead Bracelet - 2010 Catalog
B1631 Retired Silpada Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - (Allison)
B1631 Retired Silpada Freshwater Pearl Bracelet -2009 Catalog
B1695 Silpada Coral Stretch Bracelets Set of 3
B1706 Retired Silpada Bronze Glass & Brass Wrap Bracelet
B1776 Retired Silpada Multi Stone Bracelet - 2009 Catalog
B1797 Retired Silpada Gray Pearl/Glass/Silver Bracelet
B1850 Silpada Retried Bronze Coin Bracelet - 2010 Catalog
B1853 Retired Silpada Mixed Metal Bracelet - 2010 Catalog
B1931 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver & Glass Bracelet
B2013 Retired Silpada set of 3 Turquoise Bracelet - 2010 catalog
B2143 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver/leather Bracelet
KRN0087 Retired Silpada GO WILD Necklace
N0622 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Snake Necklace - 2005
N1336 Silpada Retired Tiger's Eye necklace
N1349 Retired Silpada 6-strand palm Wood Necklace $99
N1711 Retired Silpada Silver Pendant Necklace
N1720 Retired multistrand Silpada Silver Necklace - 2009 catalog
N1819 Retired Silpada Rose Quartz necklace
N1826 Retired Multi-Material Silpada 35" Necklace $139
N1827 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Beaded Necklace
N1858 Silpada Retired Turquoise necklace
N2149 Retired Leather & Silver Silpada necklace
N2740 Silpada Sterling Silver KNOTTED Necklace
N2742 Silpada Sterling Silver LAUREL LOCKET Necklace
N2797 Retired Alluring Azure Silpada Necklace
N2860 Silpada Sterling Silver COIN COLLECTER Necklace
N3122 Silpada Stone Throw Necklace
R0891 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver cuff Ring size 8
S0075 Retired Silpada Silver Pendant
S0304 Retired Silpada Round inlay Pendant - 2003 Catalog
S1280 Retired Silpada Gold plated insert Pendant
S1300 Retired Silpada Reversible Red Pendant
S1300 Retired Silpada Reversible Red Pendant (Allison)
S1375 Retired Silpada 14K Gold/Silver Pendant
S1637 Silpada Sterling Silver Rings design pendant
S1691 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Intertwined pendant - 2009 Catalog
S1870 Retired Silpada teardrop pendant
S2123 Silpada Black Ebony Leaf pendant
S2124 Silpada Bamboo Sterling Silver pendant
Silpada Polishing Cloth
Silpada Zahara Wristlet
W1057 Retired Silpada Rose Quartz Sterling Earrings
W1327 Retired Silpada Tiger's Eye Earrings - 2008 catalog
W1550 Retired Silpada Bronze Freshwater pearls earrings - 2009 Catalog
W1560 Retired Silpada Coral Earrings
W1755 Retired Matte Silpada Silver Link Earrings
W1845 Retired Silpada Wood & Silver Earrings
W1874 Silpada Sterling Silver & Chalcedony COMET TAIL HOOPS Earrings
W1880 Retired Silpada Silver Earrings
W1897 Retired Silpada Pearl/Brass Hoop Earrings
W1945 Retired Silpada Silver Swirl Earrings
W2251 Silpada Sterling Silver MOONGLOW Earrings
W2251 Silpada Sterling Silver MOONGLOW Earrings (b)