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Rings Size 9
KRR0024 Silpada Pearls night out Ring Size 9
KRR0056 Silpada Coastal Color Ring Size 9
KRR072 Silapda Botanical ring size 9 _ Used (Allison)
R0593 Retired Silpada set of 5 Silver Stamped Rings Size 9
R0596 Retired Sterling Silver Ring size 9 - 2000 Catalog
R0723 Silpada Sterling Silver Bague-Martelée Cuff Ring Size 9
R0836 Silpada Elizabeth ring Size 9
R0893 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Amber Ring size 9 - 2004 Catalog
R0897 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Faux Opal Ring Size 9
R0942 Retired Silpada Blue Sodalite Ring Size 9
R0949 Retired Silpada Garnet rings Size 9
R0949 Retired Silpada Garnet rings Size 9 (set of 3)
R0981 Silpada Sterling Silver Uptown Ring Size 9
R1171 Retired Silpada Sterling Zirconia Ring size 9 - HOSTESS EXCLUSIVE RING
R1200 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Celtic Ring Size 9 (k)
R1233 Retired Silpada Cubic Zirconia Ring Size 9 - RARE!!!!
R1261 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Multi-Inlay Ring Size 9
R1273 Retired Silpada Amethyst Ring size 9 - 2005 Catalog
R1343 Retired Silpada Hammered Silver Ring Size 9
R1384 Retired Silpada Smoky Quartz Stackable Rings Size 9
R1393 Retired Silpada 9K Cross Ring Size 9
R1416 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Peridot ring Size 9
R1441 Retired Silpada Sterling silver Zirconia ring Size 9
R1453 Retired Silpada Smoky Quartz Ring Size 9
R1465 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Red Ring Size 9
R1532 Silpada Sterling Silver Modern Maze Ring Size 9
R1583 Silpada Sterling Silver Flowered ring Size 9
R1617 Silpada BUTTON FRAME PEARL ring Size 9
R1635 Retired Silpada Bamboo Coral Ring Size 9 (122)
R1635 Retired Silpada Bamboo Coral Ring Size 9 (123)
R1685 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Ring size 9
R1686 Retired Embellished Silver Silpada Ring Size 9
R1737 Retired Silpada Diamond Cubic Zirconia Ring Size 9
R1738 Retired Silpada Bronzite ring Size 9
R1739 Retired Sun, Moon, Star Silpada Ring 9 - 2008 Catalog
R1741 Retired Silpada Stamped wide band ring size 9
R1790 Retired Silpada Sterling Stacked Ring Size 9
R1807 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Turquoise Ring Size 9
R1809 Retired Silpada Flower ring Size 9
R1851 Retired Silpada Rose glass ring Silpada Size 9
R1869 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver ring Size 9
R1875 Retired Silpada Fedlspar black/gray ring Size 9
R1901 Retired Silpada Stamped coin ring. Size 9
R1902 Retired Silpada Silver & Pearl Cha-Cha ring Size 9
R1999 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Hammered Ring Size 9
R2007 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Ring Size 9
R2017 Silpada Tumbled Turquoise Ring size 9 (b)
R2023 Retired Silpada Wood Cabochon Ring Size 9
R2031 Silpada Retired Carved Jasper Ring Size 9
R2035 Silpada ORGANICS Ring Size 9
R2119 Retired Silpada Sterling & Peridot Rings Size 9
R2121 Sterling Silpada LILY Pearl Ring Silpada ring Size 9
R2164 Silpada Retired Mother of pearl Ring Size 9
R2205 Retired Silpada Pink Soapstone Ring Size 9
R2208 Silpada Cubic Zirconia Silver Ring Size 9
R2209 Silpada NESTED PEARLS Ring Size 9
R2234 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Blue Ring Size 9
R2286 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Crystal Ring Size 9
R2293 Silpada Sterling Silver Twirl Band Ring Size 9
R2307 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Faceted Smoky Quartz Size 9
R2385 Silpada Sterling Silver COSMO Ring Size 9
R2387 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Blue Cove Ring Size 9
R2390 Silpada Sterling Silver Blacktop Swirl Ring size 9
R2417 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver TIMBER Ring Size 9
R2448 Silpada Sterling Silver LIGHT DANCER Ring Size 9
R2451 Silpada Sterling Silver REGAL Ring Size 9
R2466 Retired Silpada Sterling Silver Belle Fleur CIRCLE Ring Size 9
R2751 Silpada Sterling Silver VILLA Ring Size 9
R2753 Silpada Sterling Silver POSEIDON Ring Size 9 (j)
R2757 Silpada Sterling Silver GLADIATOR GLAM Ring Size 9
R2758 Silpada Sterling Silver Classique Ring Size 9
R2759 Retired Silpada Harmony Ring Size 9
R2864 Silpada Sterling Silver MINTY FRESH Ring Size 9
R2865 Silpada Sterling Silver NESTLED Pearl Ring Size 9
R2868 Silpada Sterling Silver HEADLINER Ring Size 9 (Allison)
R2889 Silpada Sterling Showtime Ring Size 9.5
R2934 Silpada Sterling Silver Bright Spot Cuff Ring Size 9
R2942 Silpada BEAUTY IN THE ROUGH Ring Size 9
R2954 Silpada Sterling Silver Bring the Heat Ring Size 9
R2981 Silpada Sterling Silver In the Grove Ring Size 9
R3000 Silpada Sterling Silver Josephine Ring Size 7 (j)
R3000 Silpada Sterling Silver Josephine Ring Size 9
R3051 Silpada Sterling Silver Mademoiselle Ring Size 9
R3053 Silpada True Blue Ring Size 9
R3056 Silpada Sterling Silver Band Together Ring Size 9
R3134 Silpada Sterling Silver Rain or Shine Ring Size 9
R3136 Silpada Nature's Majesty Ring Size 9
R3268 Silpada Regal Sterling Silver Ring Size 9
R3293 Silpada Sterling Silver Corner Street band Ring Size 9
R3357 Retired Silpada High-Shine Stack Rings, set of 3 Size 9